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The Servers of Chaos is a roleplaying site, based on a roleplay started by me and my friends on another forum. But we had to move it, so here we are!
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 Shadow's Memories...

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PostSubject: Shadow's Memories...   Shadow's Memories... Icon_minitimeSat Mar 21, 2015 4:31 pm

...I want to talk about Shadow the Hedgehog's memories...this is really bugging me.

Ok, so we know he was created by Gerald, blah blah blah, but I'm looking back, and noticed the death of Maria is different in EACH. Incarnation.

Shadow The Hedgehog: (Keep in mind, I have NOT beaten the game) Maria and Shadow are running down the halls of the ARK with G.U.N right behind them. Shadow runs into a dead end and Maria gets shot.

Sonic X: There are two deaths. The first one, Maria sends Shadow to Earth before getting shot. After that, they show the scene where Maria is on the ground, with no GUN in a completely different room with the lever. telling Shadow what she thinks the reason for his existence is. She sounds weak, but there's no wound or any indication of any physical harm. So she wasn't shot at.

Sonic Adventure 2: We see her once...I think...been a while. She has her hand on the lever, saying goodbye. And that's it...

Due to the 2nd death of Sonic X and SA2/B, I believe she might have actually died from her disease. There were no GUN agents around at the point of time, and she had all that time to go on a monologue without interruption. (Unless they magically appeared RIGHT after the monologue...)

To screw us up more, they added SHADOW FREAKIN ANDROIDS!

But this is what gets me most. Gerald said he created Project Shadow AFTER the death of Maria, so there's NO WAY Shadow could've met her. He mentioned it in a cutscene in SA2/B, and Sonic X. Not sure about STH because I haven't gone through all endings...

So...if that's true...then how does Shadow know Maria? In all honestly, I think Gerald gave him those memories and feelings so he'd carry out his revenge.

But then he starts 'remembering.' How can he remember the 'true' events, (assuming they are true) if he was created after her death? Were those staged too?

ANOTHER THING! It was stated that Shadow was created to help with Maria's illness. Again. HOW IN CHAOS'S NAME, IS THAT TRUE IF HE NEVER MET HER!?

Sorry, but this has been bugging me for a while now, and a friend of mine and I discussed this once.
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Shadow's Memories...
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